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     I called Grove Park Carpet Cleaning Company and was able to hire their rug cleaning specialists for a great price. It ended up being a top service. It was definitely worth it.
Pia K19/05/2020
     I don't know another cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Grove Park. They are always one of the highest-rated businesses. They also have exceptional customer service.
Bryan Corvin20/09/2019
     I managed to get my oven clean in the easiest way possible - I got Carpet Cleaning Grove Park to do it for me! Oven cleaning is my most-hated job, but it's so great to know that such a professional company is just a phone call away. I'll be calling again next time I need my oven cleaning!
Pauline R.14/10/2015
     I left Grove Park Carpet Cleaning Company with the unenviable task of cleaning my house from top to bottom. During my inspection after they had finished, I was sure I was going to be finding nooks and crannies of the house that hadn't been taken care of and were still dirty. But literally every corner was spotless. I can't thank the team enough for all their hard work!
     The first time I used GroveParkCarpetCleaners I asked the cleaner if she could brighten up my bathroom which had a great deal of lime scale and discoloured grout round the bath. The results were astonishing, I don't know what products were used but it did the trick, I would say the lime scale was reduced to about 30% to what it had been and now looks great. I hated spending my time of cleaning when I could be spending time out and about. Having a regular cleaner is one of the best luxuries anyone should indulge in! Thanks!
Maria E.05/11/2014
     I had two small children and my carpets had a lot of stains building up so I was interested in having them professionally cleaned. My mum told me of a local carpet cleaning company she had used and gave me the contact details. I called GroveParkCarpetCleaners and asked for a meeting to discuss the cost. I couldn't afford to replace the carpets, so thought that the cleaning would be a better option. I was pleased with the quote I got, and sorted a booking for them to be cleaned. The cleaners arrived promptly, with the cleaning gear and began the process. After a short time the carpet began to look great as well as smell fresh.
Tiffany Albert24/07/2014
     I moved to a new property and wanted my carpets cleaned as I hadn't enough money to re fit new carpets in the house. I had seen some decent offers available by a local company GroveParkCarpetCleaners and gave them a call. I booked a date for a member of staff to come and give me a quote. The guy turned up on time and explained the cleaning process and costs. I was chuffed with the price and made a booking for the carpets to be cleaned. The team turned up with the equipment and worked hard on the flooring. They did an absolutely brilliant service; the carpets looked almost new and smelt a lot fresher. Thanks.
William S.26/05/2014
     I had a visit from GroveParkCarpetCleaners last week and I just want to tell others about my experience. The staff are so friendly and polite and do not judge at all, so do not be afraid about that! They are very helpful and professional at all times and respect your belongings and surrounding furnishings whilst they complete the job at hand. They are very fast at what they do, only took half a day to do my whole house and the cost is very affordable too. If you want your home to look amazing brilliant then you must hire this company, I've booked up for the next year in monthly slots I'm so pleased!
Omar W.08/05/2014
     The cleaner that I hired from GroveParkCarpetCleaners is nothing short of perfect, and my house looks incredible thanks to her help! I didn't mind cleaning my house, but when we moved into a larger place I soon realised it was too much for just me to handle. I started looking for an affordable cleaning company and was about to give up hope when I heard about this one. The prices are reasonable and I'd had a look at some great reviews too. I'm really pleased with my cleaner and the cleaning that she does. She's thorough, efficient and obviously very good at her job. Definitely one that I'd recommend to anyone who needs help with cleaning in their home!
     This is an unbelievably amazing cleaning company. The experts at GroveParkCarpetCleaners managed to get my home into better shape than it's ever looked before. I was even able to learn some valuable tips and tricks from the friendly and skilled cleaner that came to help me out. I thought that professional cleaning was only for rich people, but now I can't ever imagine going back to doing the chores myself! This is a truly fab cleaning company for anyone who wants a better-looking home! I suggest this company to everyone I know whether they want a cleaner or not!

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